Cloud based ERP – Enhance remote management and working during the times like Covid-19


The threat shaking the worldwide business

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has shaken the globe and the business revolving around it. While businesses are facing tremendous challenges, the global economy impact continues. Despite the unusual work practices like Work from Home (WFH) and many other methods put in place, delivering products or services and ensuring business as usual (BAU) for critical and essential sectors is a challenge.

Keeping employees away from production floors may look like a common policy, the real challenge is for the enterprises that use multi-site Enterprise Resource Planning systems that manage data from individual locations.

Apparently, as the crisis is global, customers might be willing to understand the situation well. But business owners and managers need to be more agile to meet their customer needs and ensure the business runs from any place at any time and not just from office.


Is your enterprise ready to handle Covid-19 and anything that comes?

An ERP solution is vital to track your resources (informational, human, machine, money/cash-flow) and keep it available, just a few clicks away. A cloud-based ERP solution can be a life saver when it comes to a situation like the coronavirus outbreak. It allows to function remotely and track all your resource as usual without getting a major hit on the productivity.

Though employee safety and health take the top stand at the odd situations like the coronavirus outbreak, it is imperative to make sure that they have all the necessary arrangements done to do their jobs from any given remote location.

  • Provide your employees with an infrastructure to work remotely, where they are happy, they can rest more and work as usual without any dip in the productivity. A cloud-based ERP solution allows you to remotely track your projects and all related information of the employees working for the project at one place.
  • The Cloud ERP that you choose for your business should be real time and be able to track all information of a given project and deliver some high-level information through a comprehensive dashboard. A good cloud ERP system will always help you stay on budget and increase the overall projects’ profitability and allows you to take the right decisions at the odd situations.
  • Enterprises who are majorly relying on paper-based documents can face a different level of trouble when employees are working from remote locations for BCP. A cloud ERP solution can act as your document management system helping you and your team to stay organized at the same time stay accessible to all the business-critical documents from anyplace, anytime. The system can enable role-based access to documents and simultaneous access to the same document from multiple remote locations and changes to the documents can be effective immediately.

There are more that a Cloud ERP solution can do to your business and make it more profitable and productive in all situations. It allows to run your business as usual with much lesser interruption and minimised human interactions. It is true that human interaction is vital to run the business smoother, it can be always done online through a video conferencing platform and yet be as productive as you are at the production floor. We always recommend precautions and employee safety at the forefront in situations like the coronavirus outbreak.

KGiSL has always been the preferred partner for cloud based digital transformation across many countries that we operate. Our design and solution around cloud-based SAP S/4 Hana and its implementation can strengthen the overall management of your business and keep it up and running at situation when remote working is the only option left behind. SAP S/4 Hana gives organizations an unmatched capability to have one’s enterprise level software to be hosted and working from hosted environment leaving the organization not to worry on software availability, uptime and upgrades, while at the same time providing scalability, analytics and speed at the fingertips.

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