COVID-19: Cloud to the rescue of Business Continuity Plan


Businesses are witnessing one of the biggest disruptions in its history.   COVID-19 is having an extreme impact globally, with governments and public scrambling to pass through, businesses have been forced to activate BCP, Stock markets hit, health care scarcity and more.  The ramification of this disruption is and will be felt across business and nations.

Changing business outlook

The COVID-19 is also impacting the way businesses need to adapt itself, its model and the way we work.  Conferencing instead of travel, virtual meeting instead of on ground event, digital collaborative tools, AI & RPA enabled digital workforce, cloud based enterprise ERP and more are going to change workflow forever.

Cloud to the rescue: Seamless remote access is now more important than ever

With COVID-19, enterprises are to enable an increasing mobile workforce and prepare itself to what Bloomberg calls the ‘world’s largest work-from-home experiment’.  Remote working is the order of the day and this requires business to consider

  • Business critical resources that must remain on-site
  • Safe work environment for employees
  • Network and support required for remote work

Highly secure, stable and dependable technology that could enable remote work has been available for years. Today, cloud has ensured scalability, availability and security of these solutions.  With cloud technologies, a world of web-based apps, virtual desktops, endpoint encryptions, conferring and collaborative software, VPN and other cloud enhanced tools make remote work possible from any device, from any place and any time.

Today’s evolving situation is a test to the ability of businesses to respond to crises that may affect its IT operations. This makes distributed Cloud IT Systems at times of disaster a future proof solution. Future Ready Enterprises that rely on cloud capabilities for their IT and back office operations will benefit by not having to worry about their personnel going into their data centres to check, maintain, monitor their storage and server installations. These future ready enterprise that rely on cloud effectively will be more resilient, disruption averse and have a systems that protects data, business applications and support an increasingly remote workforce.

Cloud Technologies enable businesses to function by relying less on external conditions and disruptions. In the new order where enterprises position to maintain productivity at all times, pushing operations into employees’ home, planning for disruptions and disaster recovery, it is imperative for enterprises to explore cloud offerings as a mitigation tool for uncertain times.

The COVID-19 impact validates the need for enterprise to maintain is functionality based on Cloud Technology.

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