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Professional Services

Professional Services

KGiSL ‘s deep industry expertise helps client implement and customize their unique requirements by dramatically improving and growing their business.

We also have a vast range of business and technical skills at your disposal—from strategic and software expertise to front-office and back-office functionality.

We offer this service, from start-up, to emerging, to midmarket, to corporate—no matter where your company falls in the spectrum, KGiSL is committed to partnering with you for the long haul. That means seeing your company through go-live, adjusting for improvements for implementation and implementing a new module that meets your unique business requirements.

We offer professional services that can span multiple industries. If you run your business on the principle that people should undertake tasks that play to their strengths, then working with KGiSL and utilizing it’s professional services should be a natural extension of this principle. KGiSL professional services provides an arsenal of talent and expertise, ready to be deployed.

We offer customized, knowledge-based services to clients. Our service includes people utilization, processes and workflows, information and data, integration and security.

KGiSL believes that the relationship is not just being business partners, but over time, we become more than adjuncts to your business and we are considered as an invaluable part of your extended team.

Although cost savings is still an important consideration for using professional services, KGiSL as a service provider would offer value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage.

Information Technology (Software / Hardware)


Administrative / Business Processing

Technical Helpdesk & Customer Support

Purchase and Supply Chain Management

Human Resources


Time and Materials

Involves calculating the cost of the labor (time) and other expenses (materials) and adding a markup to cover overhead and profit.

Work Package

Package Pricing is a strategy that offers a fixed price for a defined group of services.


Value creation through strategic partnership

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One of the world's largest automotive engineering and electronics company deploys our staff at ten business divisions at seven offices

KGiSL partners with India’s leading online store in provisioning manpower fuelling business growth

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