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Empowering Wealth Managers Discover a Refined Portfolio & Wealth Management Model 

Ensuring business resilience and strengthening client relationships is imperative while adapting to the changing needs of HNIs and the evolution of financial products.

We connect you to an incomparable range of competencies through a coalescent, analytics-driven digital platform to deliver hyper-personalized advisory service and financial transparency to your clients.

Bullfinch Wealth Suite is a SaaS-enabled, integrated, front-to-back omni channel system that supports all asset classes to manage the complete wealth management lifecycle. Our cloud-based API architecture is an all-in-one seamlessly interfacing system supporting wealth management, portfolio management, and family offices. The system is flexible and modular. Its layered architecture allows for the introduction of new modules, channels, business processes, and external interfaces based on specific needs.  

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A 360-degree end-to-end solution for wealth advisors for an unsurpassed experience.

Unlocking your Insights in Investment Management Service 

Bullfinch wealth management suite (WMS) helps to unlock the insights and gets you on an exponential growth trajectory. It offers rich features including intuitive dashboard with an advanced GUI and comprehensive analytical capabilities with personalized recommendations. The platform amplifies operational efficiency and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.  

A complete customer-centric wealth and portfolio management system that provides customers with interaction portal, relationship manager portal, customer service portal, fund manager utility, wealth, asset, and portfolio. Artificial intelligence in portfolio management systems significantly transforms:  

  • Asset allocation 
  • Risk Profiling 
  • Back-office operations  
  • Transaction Management  
  • Report Generations 
  • Management Dashboards  
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Why should you choose Bullfinch?

  • Deliver robust hyper personalization to your clients with a core component of granular data analysis to achieve significant performance uplift using Machine Learning and AI.
  • Secure, scalable, and cost-effective Back-office system for improved operational efficiency.
  • Chatbot for personalized report generations for end users

How it works


What’s unique with

  • Frictionless Digital Client Onboarding

  • Comprehensive CRM for flexible and automated workflow

  • Multi-tenancy and automated provisioning functionality

  • Seamless bi-directional client-business communication

  • Hyper-Personalized advisory and reporting model

  • Periodic and prioritized alerts for businesses and their clients

  • Swift issue resolution through dedicated helpdesk

Some fascinating numbers for you

  • 99.8% in AUM reconciliation accuracy
  • 40-50% reduction in operational cost
  • 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership due to SaaS-enabled model.
  • 60% reduction in Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • We haven’t missed out on anyone

    Wealth Managers
    • Streamlining the entire process, customer profiles, assets, and investments
    • 99.8% accuracy in reporting, rebalancing, and reconciliation.
    • Integrated model for insight-led decision-making
    • Consistency in delivering personalized client experiences
    End Clients
    • Holistic view of portfolio at a glance
    • Transparency in investments
    • Comprehensive investment reports.
    Back Office Operations Team  
    • End-to-end hassle-free workflow through automation
    • Enhanced operational efficiency

    Features to flaunt about

    Covers major products and asset classes
    Online Fund Manager / Advisor portal for planning, risk assessment, and CRM activities 
    Model portfolios support for EQ / MF / FI (or) combination of these asset classes 
    Optimized re-balancing based on model portfolio 
    Multiple dashboards and reports at all levels with report scheduling capability 
    Comprehensive fee management module 
    Android and iOS mobile applications for mobility and connectivity 
    Managing Operational Process– Handling end-to-end back-office processes 

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