AWS Engineer

  • Requirement No:
  • Date:07-02-2023
  • Job Title:AWS Engineer
  • Location:Coimbatore, Bangalore

Experience: 3-5 years
Location: Coimbatore / Bangalore
Notice Period: 0-30days

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Job desceription:
1. Create and manage ec2, s3, KMS, secrets, lambda, CloudWatch alarms, vpc endpoints,
SageMaker through Terraform
2. Create lambda functions to automatically copy the s3 objects to another s3 bucket based on
the event notification.
3. Create and manage GPG encryption, decryption keys.
4. Troubleshoot the EMR issues with the help of AWS Support team.
5. Create cross region replication and lifecycle rules on s3 bucket.
6. Create python scripts for serverless gpg decryption, cross account s3 copy, update glue
7. Creating and managing new users in Ubuntu based Linux servers and providing necessary
8. Co-ordinate with ETL team to resolve the connectivity issue, permission issue.
9. Analyse and ensure the cost optimization for all the non-prod & prod accounts.
10. Installing and upgrading libraries on private ec2 server and SageMaker notebook instances.
11. Explore the new services based on the project requirement like LakeFormation, Athena,
Glue, and Redshift, Docker, and Jenkins.

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Job Category Associate, Senior Associate

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