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Oracle DBA AWS

  • Requirement No:
  • Date:07-03-2022
  • Job Title:Oracle DBA AWS
  • Location:Coimbatore

Exp : 4 – 7 Yrs 


  • Database Administration on following databases in AWS RDS –  
  1. SQL Server (in-depth knowledge needed) 
  1. MySQL 
  1. PostgreSQL (in-depth knowledge needed) 
  1. Oracle (in-depth knowledge needed) 
  • Should have basic knowledge on AWS CloudFormation, as all the resources (AWS RDS) is provisioned and managed through CloudFormation (CFN), Should have knowledge on CFN.  
  • Health check and monitoring in DB instance and OS metrics/events level in CloudWatch.  
  • Configuring the parameter group for AWS RDS as per the requirement from the Client. 
  • Managing IP traffic using a security group, He/she should have knowledge on Security group. 
  • Auditing the database log files. 
  • Maintenance and management activities, Time to time AWS will provide notification on Hardware maintenance or minor version upgrade for AWS RDS, He/she should take up those maintenance activities. 
  • Planning backup and recovery strategies – sometimes there will requirement for native backup (for all DB engines mentioned above), We must strategize the backup as per the requirement. 
  • User management (We must take care of User level management for above mentioned DB engines) 
  • upgrade RDS instance from one engine version to another, as AWS RDS is fully managed services, we must upgrade the engine version of DB engines time to time through CFN.  
  • Knowledge on DocumentDB will be helpful as we are in-progress of Migrating MongoDB to DocumentDB. 

MongoDB :  

  • As we have fully migrated to AWS, we have MongoDB on our EC2 instances with replica-set. 
  • Basic Knowledge on EC2, how to connect EC2.  
  • MongoDB Administration – User Management, replication.  
  • Using SSL/TLS for connection in MongoDB.  
  • Knowledge on replica-set & clustering (shard). 

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