Wso2 API Manager

  • Requirement No:
  • Date:31-01-2023
  • Job Title:Wso2 API Manager
  • Location:Coimbatore

Experience: 2-5 years
Location: Coimbatore
Role: Permanent
Notice period: 0-30 days

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Job description:

WSO2 API Manager is a platform for creating, managing, and publishing APIs. A job description for a role working with WSO2 API Manager may include the following responsibilities:

•          Design and develop APIs using WSO2 API Manager

•          Manage and monitor API performance and usage

•          Create and maintain API documentation

•          Collaborate with development teams to integrate APIs with existing systems

•          Troubleshoot and resolve API-related issues

•          Ensure compliance with security and data privacy regulations

  • Authentication and authorization: Configuring how users and applications will be authenticated and authorized to access APIs.
  • Security: Configuring various security features such as OAuth 2.0, JWT, and mutual SSL.
  • Throttling: Configuring rate limits to control the number of requests that can be made to an API.
  • Caching: Configuring caching to improve the performance of the API gateway.
  • Mediation: Configuring how requests and responses are processed by the API gateway, such as adding custom headers or transforming the payload.

Job Features

Job Category Associate, Senior Associate

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