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Bullfinch Invest Suite

A successful investment performance is highly dependent on how effectively assets are maintained or controlled. The Bullfinch Invest Suite, from KGiSL, is an integrated solution for managing the complete proprietary investment management lifecycle.

This solution was designed to cover multi-asset classes that could be the medium of investment and managing of one’s own investment.

Its layered architecture that allows the user to introduce new modules and channels and ease of operations makes it every investor’s natural choice.

  • Covers almost all investment verticals
  • Support for EQ / Derivatives / MF / FI / Debentures / Loans & Deposits (or) combination of these asset classes
  • Multiple dashboards and reports at all levels with report scheduling capability
  • Multilevel reconciliations and validations to make the monitoring error free
  • Support for all types of corporate actions
  • Complete inbuilt audit trail with history
  • Bullfinch suite is designed with a robust, flexible, modular, layered architecture that allows you to introduce new modules, channels, business processes, and external interfaces based on its specific needs
  • Can be easily interfaced with other back-office systems, broker-dealer systems for order execution, and fund distribution systems
  • The architecture and data model of bullfinch are designed in a manner to offer optimum performance, scalability, and ease of maintenance
  • Can be easily linked with other surround systems, thereby, reducing the costs and complexity of migration
  • An inbuilt accounting module to track all the transactions and monitor the realized and unrealized P&L
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