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MIRAGE is a modular, fully scalable aggregating engine, which consolidates and maintains a repository of data from various data sources and provides comprehensive MIS reports to the management at an organizational level. As a whole, the MIRAGE incorporates a more precise aggregation and calculation model with an extensive reporting functionality.

MIRAGE as a framework for data aggregation and comprehensive reporting  customized for Wealth Management firms as a Revenue aggregation tool.

  • Comprehensive Integration: It has a centralized data storage system that provides faster access and integrity. Provides flexible user-defined rights at diversified levels
  • Well-Equipped Technology: Mirage is developed using .Net platform with the backend as SQL Server. It ensures scalability, interoperability, data integrity, easy maintenance, and reliability
  • User-friendly GUI: Easy to use GUI provides immediate visual feedback about the effect of every action. Thus the end user requires no training to engage the application
  • MIRAGE aggregate data from different business verticals giving a unified snapshot of entity’s revenue as a whole
  • MIRAGE is a framework, which can be highly customized to meet the tailored needs of the clients
  • Its unlimited reporting functionalities and ad hoc query functionalities increase the client retention through proactive, personalized communications
  • Enabling the company’s decision-makers to generate a prompt report and analyze information for more accurate decisions
  • Improves productivity through user-centric applications and an easy-to-use interface
  • Quick and easy to customize as per client requirements
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