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DolphinFX (DFX), a robust and comprehensive solution for the treasury operations team to handle FX Trade supporting documents, define and monitor FX Limits and generate customized reports both for operational needs and for regulatory reporting purpose. This application is designed on a customizable framework to handle any type of regulatory changes from RBI/regulatory bodies on the treasury operations.

Forex Trade Monitoring Solution

DolphinFX effectively handles different needs involved in corporate FX Trades such as:

  • Document management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

The solution can handle and track all financial instruments for both export and import trades like

  • Forward
  • Spot
  • Options
  • Swap
  • Derivatives
  • Structure Trades.

DolphinFX has the provision to define Logic to handle FX trade-related documents and determine the documents required from a client for executing a trade.  It has the provision to calculate Past Performance calculation for clients. It also handles the soft copy of Trade Document capturing, periodic follow up and trade confirmation. It supports all currencies and trade logic of Corporate FX Trades. DolphinFX handles trade data from all major front office applications and has the flexibility to customize trade logics based on regulatory changes

Simplified Hedging Facility

DolphinFX caters to support ‘Designated Banks’ to cover all SHF OTC Derivative trade process as instructed by RBI. The solution is developed on a customization framework to handle any type of regulatory changes on the treasury operations and hence we are now equipped to facilitate the users in handling the newly introduced Simplified Hedging Facility. DolphinFX simplifies the operations by determining the minimal documents now required from a client for executing a trade till automatically setting up limits for the client based on previous year transactions. It constantly monitors the trade and helps the clients carry out the trades in the best way possible.

Past Performance and Underlying Limit monitoring

DolphinFX plays a vital role in monitoring the process involved in the trades like

  • Past Performance Limit Monitoring
  • Underlying Limit Monitoring
  • Derivative Limit Monitoring
  • Rebooking Limit Monitoring

The system easily understands the type of trade that is being done and automatically tags any relevant underlying documents and calculates the utilized value for every individual trade. The Past performance limit will be set for each and every client who wants to trade on the basis of past performance. In order to calculate the eligible amount average of Last three years or Last year will be considered with proper documents. PP trades will tag the PP limit automatically at the time of trade approval. The Rebooking limits will be utilized automatically at the time of trade approval and the corresponding underlying utilized will be at the time of trade tagging. DolphinFX will also monitor the Booking, Cancellation, Utilization and Rebooking limits.

Trade Reporting

DolphinFX does a timely and effective reporting resulting in better operations and decision-making. An important and unique feature that the system has been the Good to Trade Screen which reports the dealers about clients, who are good to trade with, based on their previous trade transactions with the bank.

Apart from this, the system also has a trade prerequisites document view, limit monitoring, DMS status and view that helps the Front Office Operations or dealers. MIS Reporting and Regulatory reporting are done for the Back office operations. The system also sends automatic emails to clients for follow-ups, trade executions, Trade confirmation printing and emailing can also be done through the system.

Trade Processing

Specified types of trades can be processed using DolphinFX such as:

  • Outright
  • Extension
  • Original
  • Rebook
  • Roll over
  • Residual trades

Processed trades can be revoked and reprocessed effortlessly from the beginning. It is a prominent solution that can process Booking, Cancellation, Utilization and Wash ticket and while processing of cancellation and utilization trades, the system will automatically tag to the underlying where the corresponding booking tagged, based on the ratio it has been tagged. The User can configure the checklist for each and every client level, trade level and underlying documents. Using DolphinFX solution settlement charges can be processed and the relevant reports can be generated. It also provides the option to de-tag the Tagged trades from the respective limits. At the time of trade approval, corresponding trade relevant documents will be generated and pushed to the pending queue by the solution.

Document Management

The inbuilt document management system scans and maintains all required KYC documents for Corporate clients and the system alerts middle-office users in the Treasury Department for any required documents or if any documents need changes or renewals. The system has an automated workflow to populate the required documents to be submitted for various trade types.

The DMS module can be extensively leveraged to map, store and retrieve documents relating to KYC, Client Level (Quarterly and Half Yearly Docs), Trade Level (Confirmation) Past Performance and Underlying Limits.


  • Configurable document tracking matrix for (Counter Party Type – Product – Trade Type – Trade Sub Type – Nature of Trades) which provides for “N” number of configurable options
  • Configurable Underlying and PP limits matrix for (Underlying Type – Currency Pair – Nature of Underlying – Residual Maturity – Product – Trade Type – Trade Sub type) which provides for “N” number of configurable
  • Dashboard for Pending Actionable at both Trade Level and Client Level
  • Master Dashboard to view all trade and client-related activities which can be selected as per business user requirements
  • Trade prerequisites and Good to Trade details will be shown to dealers
  • Configurable mail and letter template as per business user requirements
  • Dynamic report generation as per business requirement
  • GST feed generation
  • Alert & Follow Up
  • Trade Verification Validation
  • Verification of all Documents Received
  • KYC Verification Validation
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