Dhanabalan Ramasubramanian - Director - Sales Operations - KGiSL

Dhanabalan Ramasubramanian

Dhanabalan RamasubramanianDirector - Sales Operations


With over 17 years of rich and diverse experience in the technology industry, Dhanabalan has been associated with KGiSL for more than a decade.

Dhana, An inquisitive technologist, innate learner, staunch sales person, leads sales and operations regionally at KGiSL.

He comes from a strong technical background and has practiced substantial roles as developer, project manager, and account manager before instating himself into sales and business development. His deep knowledge of an end-to-end life cycle of software delivery and client interaction accredits him to effectively determine the value delivered to clients and thereby be one among the few sales professionals to put value ahead of monetary benefits.

He is responsible for catapulting marketing and sales initiatives across the highly competitive Indian market and the establishment of sales operations in Mumbai. The key contributions of Dhanabalan to KGiSL are to have been instrumental as an Architect to build the capital market solution, as a Project Manager to conceptualize, develop and build a wealth management MIS product, as an Account Manager to establish extraordinary client satisfaction and as a Sales Head, overseen the development, overhauled and expanded Mumbai operations of KGiSL.

He likes to read fiction and biography novels and loves to be an orator. He is a regular gym goer and avid researcher of life besides technology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the Madurai Kamaraj University and a pursuant learner in a couple other streams of academic excellence.

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