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“By 2022, 65% of organizations that deployed robotic process automation (RPA) will introduce artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.”

Driving business transformation through Hyperautomation

Scaling end-to-end automation across the organization while adapting to the changing business environment has been a challenge for enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders. KGISL is happy to bring to you this Gartner report that discusses these challenges and strategies for delivering scalable automation with more than RPA alone. 

According to Gartner, “RPA may provide quick relief as a noninvasive form of integration. However, processes are not always simple, routine, repetitive and stable. They may be long-running, and they often involve intelligent automated decision making and optimization. The real challenge — to scale beyond the initial few low-hanging fruits of routine processes — cannot be solved by a single tool or with siloed strategies.”

Access this complimentary report to explore:

  • The key strategies for enabling Hyperautomation
  • How to plan a long-term strategic roadmap by aligning business goals, identifying processes to optimize and choosing complementary technologies
  • The components of a DigitalOps toolbox that addresses different steps of process automation

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