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NSURE Claims

Claims management is the largest cost center for insurers and the process most vulnerable to huge operational costs. By streamlining the traditionally high number of tasks associated with claims, NSURE Claims accelerates claims resolution and reduces administrative and settlement costs by meeting alternate business needs and customers’ expectations.

The days of managing claims with stacks of paper files, multiple spreadsheets, and putting an Insured on hold while digging through file cabinets are over.

NSURE Claims is a complete and proven, end-to-end, claims tracking and management system for insurance carriers. It can manage a claim from start to finish for all property and casualty claims.



Private Car


Commercial vehicle



Medical Insurance



Personal Accident





General Features

  • Process integrated workflow management and automated work assignment & tracking
  • Easy retrieval of electronic documents for speedy processing and settlement
  • Flexibility to set approval limits
  • Supports all modes of payment
  • Extensive control on role/ user based access management with Inbuilt validations/ controls
  • Accurate data capture and MIS Reports
  • An improved model for identifying suspicious claims and loss control by the early fraud detection
  • Common business rule engine
  • Native mobile apps
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting solution
  • Used for recording, updating, monitoring and analyzing claim information

Key Components

  • OCR for Standard Templates
  • Automated Repairer Allocation
  • Enhanced Dashboard
  • Dynamic Reporting Tool
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Process Management & Workflow
  • Fraud Detection
  • Predictive Analytics

NSURE Claims provides a mission-critical web platform software solution for general insurance.

The system operates in an integrated manner which handles full-lifecycle of a claims management, capturing and processing data from the first loss notification to closure for all property and casualty related incidents in a paperless environment.

NSURE Claims seamlessly performs claims management functions, including
  • Managing reinsurance
  • Recoveries
  • Cost reduction
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Integration with existing core system and third-party systems
  • Audited transactions for payments
  • Recoveries and reserves are recorded

Work Flow – NSure Claims

  • Web-based application with document imaging and grouping
  • Auto/manual reserving of claims
  • Auto assignments to service providers
  • Document/claim processing checklist based on claim type with waiving option
  • Dynamically letter templates can be defined
  • Blacklisting of vehicles
  • Seamless integration with third party service providers
  • Integrated wreck processing module (for Total Loss and Theft claims) and motor theft recovery module
  • Payment, Reinsurance, Accounts, Claim, Admin, Panel Ship Module
  • Speedy processing and settlement of claims
  • Flexibility to set approval limits
  • Reduces administrative and settlement costs
  • Notification/Verification of claims
  • Claim/Ageing status inquiry
  • Standard and Compliance Report generation
  • Dashboard/ Worklist – Easy access to task based on the worklist
  • Capability to adapt both centralized and non-centralized environment
  • Easy to address multiple claims at one go
  • Accelerated service delivery and response time to customer
  • Process and capture all claimant and service provider transactions
  • Report on reserves, payments and recoveries across all lines of business
  • Extensive reporting, including both standard and ad-hoc reporting
  • Strengthens reporting capability, risk awareness and cost control
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