Core Insurance solution - NSURE core - KGiSL


NSURE Core is a modern enterprise suite that provides robust core and advanced processing capabilities for all business lines of insurance.

The comprehensive business management system unifies all underwriting & claims process management functions as well as core business functions like financial management.

The unique architecture provides the seamless integration and collaboration across the entire eco-system of insurer, re-insurers, insurance agencies and brokers.

  • An efficient and expert auto underwriting solution which automates underwriting decision and facilitates risk triage into Standard, Refer/decline risk requirements
  • KGiSL’s design will have flexibility in configuration and modification of underwriting rules with changing regulations and risk analysis
  • Will improve the productivity and efficiency of the underwriting division & the underwriter’s productivity and efficiency along with consistency in underwriting decisions
  • Product Configurator with inbuilt parameters for quick product and business rule configuration
  • It simplifies insurance product design, development efforts and increases speed to market while reducing cost
  • Will be agile and responsive in designing and supporting new insurance products and business rules
  • Provides ability to centralize and re-use calculations and business logic
  • Comprehensive channel management for all the channels Agency, Partners, Brokers etc
  • Validations which could be done by business users, thus reducing the dependence on IT
  • Provide a robust performance criteria definitions, using the unique KPI engine for defining eligibilities, calculations and payouts of all different types of incentives, awards, benefits in a unified and reusable manner
  • Easy ability to render the complete performance analysis to partners through a front-end portal
  • A unified solution for tracking and managing the end to end insurance claims process. It helps to manage claim requests, provides comprehensive claim data capture, aids in assessment of claim request and provides triggers for generating correspondences /notifications and a comprehensive MIS reporting
  • Flexible business rules and workflow configuration capabilities for seamless Insurance claims processing
  • Assignment and Reassignment of the claim using skills and load management with escalations based on SLA’s
  • Integration with Scanning /Optical Character Recognition (ORC) tool for better data entry
  • Allows to configure the reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration and claims lifecycles
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations
  • Ability to associate reinsurance at coverage and policy levels
  • A centralized module to manage all interactions with reinsurance partners
  • Bordereau report generation

The integrated financial and accounting module automatically captures all insurance and general business transactions processed in real-time.

  • Real-time posting of all financial transactions from all modules of the system
  • Up-to-date financial information
  • Collects data in multiple ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable and General Ledger
  • Analysis of financial data with roll-ups for each company, multiple branches, subsidiaries and parent companies
  • Complete and holistic view of each client and prospect across all lines of business
  • Single view into client account data to identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Manage sales opportunities and pipeline through role-based, intuitive dashboards
  • NSURE’s Analysis capability will help in calculating risk coverage and directs the customers to relevant product based on rules that are laid in the system
  • This insight also helps the company in driving focused sales efforts


NSURE’s intuitive interface allows every authorized member of the organization to quickly view, schedule and executes everyday tasks. It increases management control and improves accountability for decision-making throughout the organization.

The organization can achieve greater consistency and improve accountability in key marketing, CRM, underwriting, claims processing and cash disbursement activities. Reduce errors, training time for new employees and expense ratios. Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service.

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating consistent processes for key activities
  • Simplifying cross training
  • Enhancing activity scheduling and time management
  • Tracking productivity
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks
  • Triggering pre-determined events to ensure quality control

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions help the operational and executive management to gain easy and timely access to high quality, the robust information they require for decision-making in order to achieve the business goals.

Business Benefits

  • Real-time sales and marketing analysis
  • Channel performance insights
  • Operational performance management and KPI monitoring
  • Individual rating and pricing engine component
  • Offering customer-tailored solution
  • Comprehensive risk referencing solutions
  • 360 degree integrated solution
  • Transparency across all processes
  • Fully automated workflow
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Flexible to changing regulatory requirements
  • Real time sales and marketing analysis
  • Improved efficiency through automated workflows
  • Eliminates redundancies
  • Customer-centric platform
  • Reduces operational cost and complexity
  • High-performance analytics
  • Improve business capabilities
  • Increases market responsiveness
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