NSURE Chatbot

Customers demand faster support

The industries are undergoing a transformation driven by expanding customer expectations for convenience and personalization. AI technologies are helping in bridging the gap between what currently is offered versus what customers wants.

NSURE Chatbot

Problems currently
companies face

Long queue
Long queue of customers waiting?
Language is a barrier?
customer support
Spending thousands of dollars in customer support?

NSURE Chatbot from KGiSL

NSURE Chatbot is a streamliner for interactions between customer and organization. It enables organizations to help their customers throughout the process of enquires, new offerings, customer support and services.

Chatbot helps in boosting your efficiency by reducing the cost and time involved in getting the required information. Leverages cutting-edge technologies to achieve natural communication for speech recognition, intuitive reasoning, and multilingual capabilities. Single solution for multiple platform like web, mobile, social media and messaging platforms.


Conversational maturity
Autonomous reasoning
Trained model
Promote products


NSURE Chatbot
To customer
  • 24/7 availability
  • Instant response
  • Ease of use
  • Consistent answers
NSURE Chatbot
To Organization
  • Improved customer satisfaction & engagement
  • Increased customer interaction and sales
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of customers
  • Integration with enterprise systems
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