Automated claims decision for business interruption

COVID-19 Challenge

Due to COVID crisis, insurer have to take actions for claims decision by accepting or rejecting the claims.

  • Presence of COVID-19 on insured property / in the insured’s premises mounts to physical damage
  • BI cover is more likely to be triggered as a result of COVID-19 where the policy contains a relevant non-damage BI extension for infectious diseases
  • Event cancellation insurance


The business interruption carrier used attended robots to monitor and classify email, fetch the data from submitted claims forms and feed the data into core system for claim assessor to triage the cases. With human- in-the-loop app, processors were able to review all the relevant data and take decision, after which the downstream processes are continued by the unattended robot.


Average AHT saves:

Maintained a high level
of customer satisfaction


Effort reduction:
75 – 90%

100 % accuracy

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