Call volume increase at a travel insurance company

COVID-19 Challenge

Concerned customers are calling about cancellations and changes

A travel insurance agency’s call center has been inundated with an unmanageable volume of requests. Some customers want to know if they will be covered if they get the COVID-19 virus and few others are looking to submit a claim.

The process for submitting a claim was long and tedious
for  customers, requiring- understanding
of their policy, manually updating forms and speaking to an agent as an
additional step.


A web-based solution was quickly implemented for customers to view policy information, make changes,  submit claims, and speak to an agent in real time if they require further assistance. Inputted information and changes are automatically extracted from their online  engagements, updated with other data, and passed on to agent for resolution.


customer experience

Reduced call center
waiting time

Reduced number of
steps in the process

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