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Third Party Services


The digital race has begun, and it’s inevitable for a business enterprise to join this digital madness with the most appealing software that could uplift their business prospects. To achieve the standardized expectations of the industries they serve, the companies often resort to vendors for custom made or already furnished applications that can significantly boost their business. Even after the purchase of such applications, it is not necessary that the vendors provide the proper, timely maintenance or support, KGiSL addresses this problem by providing the best in class implementation, support, customization, or even the conversion of the application with some time-tested approaches.

The requirement for a quality software and KGiSL’s dexterity in providing it is explored diligently with our third party implementation services. We uplift previously stalled programs for the clients and implement the same creating a better understanding of the technology. The unparalleled expertise of our professionals elevates the digital environment for the clients and helps them institute themselves on the runway to success.

We also aid you in the initial process of integrating your existing business abode, workflows, practices, and resources homogenize with the newly adapted technological environment.

The increasingly significant issue for today’s companies, which is not getting proper assistance for custom-built, proprietary software products that intends to preserve the initial time and cost investments – in some cases tens of thousands of dollars – in that software. Some of the options before the organizations are:

  • Big Bang Approach – Complete Re-engineering:
  • Screen Scrapping Approach – Technology upgrade:
  • Gateway Approach – Phased enhancements:

All these approaches have been presented with the base assumption that the systems are mission-critical and cannot be out of operation for any significant amount of time and provide a mechanism for the system to remain operable throughout.

Given the challenges involved, based on the approach adopted, KGiSL follows the following Transition Methodology to handle Third Party Applications Management

The Key objectives of our transition methodology are:

  • Leverage the power of the latest technologies to ease out the operational difficulties of the users
  • Accept the handover of current services without allowing any undue operational issues
  • Improve the existing service levels and provide enhanced support

Our Key ingredients in structuring this Transition are:

  • A Solid transition plan
  • Clearly defined account transition governance and change management structure
  • Transparent operational approach.

In a way, we become the one-stop shop for our clients as we undertake the reselling /licensing of products for our clients and extend them based on the requirements. We are equipped in delivering the needed software saving the clients from the trouble associated with the direct purchase of the software and provide them the appropriate product by sedulously analyzing the stipulation in the activation of the third-party application.


  • Scientific system and trained professionals do the systematic analysis of the existing application
  • The whole analysis is available as an online documentation with necessary relationship diagrams and is verified for any queries and functionalities with the existing user groups
  • The entire system is re-engineered or transformed or upgraded (either through complete code re-write or through use of appropriate tools – whichever has a better risk-return evaluation)
  • A Framework-based approach for development is followed. This approach brings along some of the best coding practices and standards, which are inbuilt making the application development faster, scalable and more maintainable.
  • Complete transparency and better control over the migration process through automated tools to all stakeholders (on Need-to-Know basis)
  • Better handholding of transition to the version of the system
  • Better support of the new system for any future enhancements
  • Significant reduction of risk, cost and time involved

Modernization or better support for systems is a part of catalytic IT initiatives. KGiSL has a good record of handling third-party solutions, legacy maintenance, and transformation/upgradation. We have our own frameworks, indigenous tools and approaches to achieve rapid and complete success on time, every time.

We have matured methodologies and workbenches to handle real business hurdles for those organizations that wish to take a leap to next level growth for their operations in an extremely competitive flat world. In short, we can assure you of end-to-end “Transition to Transformation”.

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