An AI-based
intelligent document
data processor Effortlessly extract, validate, and classify semi-structured, unstructured, and even handwritten text data from complex documents and images with over 95% accuracy in just a few minutes.
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Automate manual data processing to free up your data experts from mundane document processing tasks. Engage them only when necessary using human-in-the-loop technology. uses template-less processing to extract structured and accurate data from complex, high-volume documents without pre-defined templates, regardless of their varying structures and formats. The state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities reduce document processing time from hours to minutes, while ensuring higher accuracy of over 95%.

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Reduction in operational cost


Data Privacy


Accuracy on trained data models


Decrease in processing time




Error deduction – on the go


Enriched customer experience


Increase in processing capacity

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The more is used, the more accurate and faster it gets due to inbuilt advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms, resulting in 100% accuracy on trained data models. The comprehensive reporting and governance features, empower users with greater visibility and control over the data.

Transform your business processes in minutes by integrating our IDP Solution. Our expert team also develops tailored solutions to meet your complex business needs.

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Why can be your one-stop solution for document processing? is a powerful, easy-to-use and nimble-to-train document processing automation solution. Our cutting-edge document intelligence platform is highly versatile and specifically engineered to streamline document processing with seamless adaptability for any use case.

Through straight-through processing, automates manual document data extraction, resulting in a minimum 70-90% reduction in processing time and a minimum 3x increase in productivity.

Get your ready-to-use data in minutes's intelligent automation streamlines document processing in insurance, capital markets, and banking by delivering high-quality, ready-to-use data in minutes, resulting in superior operational efficiency.



Automate your insurance document processing with an intelligent data processor infused with AI, ML, and NLP. Process thousands of pages of data in two to four minutes with higher data accuracy and higher ROI.

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Banking & Capital Market

Our AI-driven IDP system is perfectly tailored for the capital market and banking sectors. The solution automates document processing and simplifies operational procedures when dealing with large data sets, ensuring timely operations.

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