Get your enterprise SAP ready with new regulatory and statutory changes


Keeping safe continues to be the top priority across the world as we manage to overcome the uncertain times that Covid-19 has given us.

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as an impact of this pandemic. There are extreme challenges that businesses have faced to cope up the situation and adapt the new normal. There have been tremendous changes in terms of business and operations that organizations have brought in and have successfully implemented the same during Covid.


Governments across the globe are also working on economic stimuli to get the economic activities back on track. The Government of India has also rolled out an economic package to deal with the impact of the pandemic. The Indian Finance Ministry has announced several important relief measures on tax and regulatory aspects that has a direct impact over all organizations.

Organizations across India are to now abide by the latest amendments introduced and the major among them being the amendments done towards TDS & TCS (Tax Deducted/ Collected at Source) for FY 2020-12 and Employee PF (Provident Fund) for FY 2020-21. Organisations must now enable their Enterprise ERP to accommodate the new regulatory changes to benefit from the fiscal and monitory policy changes.

Organizations are now in a stand to implement all amendments made by the Indian Government at the earliest and update the Internal process and applications with the changes as the effect is immediate. It is critical now that the Internal process applications need to be tweaked to reflect the amendments made and revert to normal after the specified period of each amendment. This tedious task to be performed in a manner to keep any of the previous entries unaltered in the application.

KGISL’s SAP Practice now offers its resources and expertise in having these regulatory amendments implemented to your enterprise SAP and enable your organisation, your employees and other stakeholders to benefit from the relief provided by the government.

KGiSL offers organization running on SAP to enable the above services in your SAP System as below

  • ECC.6.0 with EHP 5 and above
  • S4 Hana 1709, 1809, 1909 on premise
  • S/4 Hana, 1708, 1711, 1802, 1805, 1808, 1811, 1902, 1908 Cloud Versions.

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