Customer engagement

A Synergy of Human and
Artificial Intelligence

A conversational AI & generative AI powered business intelligence platform

The impact of Generative AI-driven customer engagement aids to unlock a new level of productivity round the clock with decreased wait times and increased customer satisfaction. Contact centre and support team agents can now focus on more critical interactions that improve the overall customer engagement and journey with your brand.

Enable intent-driven customer interactions by proficiently understanding and interpreting customer intentions and promptly generating personalized responses in natural language. This solution utilizes pattern recognition and in-depth customer data analysis to deduce precise conclusions, thus ensuring a seamless and tailored customer experience. Achieve an efficient lead generation process by utilizing workflows and user inputs gathered from every potential conversation, enabling businesses to identify and capitalize on opportunities presented during customer interactions.

Accelerating chat automation
with a human touch

Automate and elevate your customer engagement and experience over chat support across channels with prompt and personalized responses with a human-like experience. Our conversational AI solution can seamlessly comprehend customer goals, engage contextually, predict needs, and effortlessly answer complex inquiries through NLP and cognitive intelligence. Our AI platform offers specific and customizable self-service options, allowing users to achieve a smarter and quicker resolution of their requests. 

Go hands-free with intelligent
voice assistance

Converse.CX’s built-in automated speech recognizer and NLP/NLU engines interpret human voice and instantly generate hyper-personalized responses in natural language with a human touch while elevating your customer experience strategy.

What to expect?

Comprehensive platform solution

Customizable bot building

Flexible flow and response editing

User-friendly interface

Multilingual support

Powerful dashboard

Adaptive multi-intent capabilities

Low-code development

Precise entity extraction

Omni-channel deployment

Robust exception handling

Seamless API integration

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Elevating customer experience at scale using Conversational AI

Expedite consumer satisfaction with Conversational AI

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