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Bullfinch Wealth Suite

Bullfinch Wealth suite is an integrated front, middle and back-office solution to manage the complete wealth management lifecycle.

A comprehensive and customer-centric wealth and portfolio management system (PMS), which offers customers with interaction portal, fund manager utility, wealth, asset, and portfolio. The AI-empowered portfolio management system significantly transform asset allocation, trading processes, risk management, and other areas of portfolio management.

Bullfinch Wealth Suite

Bullfinch Digital Wealth Management System enables banks, financial institutions, and other wealth management service providers to deliver investor-directed and advisor-driven wealth advisory management services to their customers. Also, the implementation of AI in wealth management helps wealth managers to offer expert and customized investment advice. It offers rich features including graphical representation and comprehensive analysis capabilities.

HNIs are much interested in comprehensive investment management services that focus on their overall life goals and long-term wealth plans. Bullfinch wealth suite is built in a way to empower the portfolio of your HNI clients with the help of artificial intelligence in wealth management. It is designed with a robust, flexible, modular, layered architecture that allows for the introduction of new modules, channels, business processes, and external interfaces based on its specific needs. Bullfinch investment management system can be easily interfaced with other back-office systems, broker-dealer systems for order execution, and fund distribution. The architecture and data model of Bullfinch WMS is designed to offer optimum performance, scalability, and ease of maintenance. By easily integrating with other surrounding systems the cost and complexity of migration is reduced.



Multi-ability Multi-branch and Multi-currency capability


Robust, Flexible, Scalable Framework


Real time Order Processing & Risk Management


360 degree customer view with smooth navigation


Relationship based statements and Client Reporting


Control reports and MIS across / within asset classes


  • Covers almost all investment verticals
  • Online Fund Manager / Advisor portal for profiling, planning, risk assessment and CRM activities
  • Model portfolios support for EQ / MF / FI (or) combination of these asset classes
  • Optimized re-balancing based on model portfolio
  • Multiple dashboards and reports at all levels with report scheduling capability
  • Support for all types of corporate actions
  • Complete inbuilt audit trail with history
  • Comprehensive fee management module
  • Managing Operational Process– Handling end to end back office process
  • Database and application server support and its maintenance
  • DBA support and maintenance with 24/7 dedicated team


  • End-to-end wealth management functionality
  • Real-time order processing & risk management
  • Seamless integration
  • Flexible, scalable and modular design
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Operational automation through RPA
  • Multi-entity, multi-branch and multi-currency capability
  • Fast implementation – Get started quickly through pre-designed business processes and a high degree of configuration
  • Get buy-in from staff as well as customers by introducing an intuitive, simple to use package that caters for client profiling, financial planning advice, and portfolio management
  • Offers a range of investment products including Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, Managed Accounts, Structured products, and Other Investments
  • Control reports and MIS across/within asset classes

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