Digital Solutions

KGiSL’s NSure digital solutions are smart solutions that are exclusively configured to deliver the requirements of well-informed new-gen customers. Today’s world needs agile and flexible mission-critical applications to deliver seamless, omnichannel, connected insurance experience to their customers. NSure digital solutions leverage AI to provide a completely digital, innovative, customer-centric experience with automated processes and more efficient operations offering real-time solutions to customers. With conversational chatbots, AI-based image and documentation solutions allow easy access to information and data. The NSure digital solutions help to get rid of obstructions due to conventional methods and facilitate claims processing for fast settlement. These secure, compliant, and digitally-enabled operational models help insurers to enhance customer engagements and their expectations as well as the experience of agents, policyholders, stakeholders, and other partners. The end-to-end digital solution is capable of establishing new business models and providing innovative products with the help of technology and data. Our digital solutions can enable an array of benefits including enhanced operational efficiency, minimizing the cost of the manual processes, and improved business agility and resilience.

Payment Portal

Features Comprehensive dashboard to view payments, receipts etc. […]

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Chatbot Assist

Conversational AI Bot – NSURE Assist platform to […]

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Video Assessor – Virtual damage assessment system

Typically, any general insurance claim is being managed […]

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Inbound Documentation

Processing any inbound document has been an essential […]

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Easy Access NSURE e-Document supports all the major […]

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Features Offline Mobile App Create, edit and submit […]

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Pricing Engine

This suite is aimed to develop and deploy pricing models for all Motor and Non-Motor solutions.

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