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We love diversity and stand by it fervently!

Our vibrant and diverse workforce are encouraged to learn, share and grow in a secure environment. We embrace diversity of thought, cultures, and people.

KGiSL as a workplace breathes passion, fortitude and diversity with strength of over 2000+ employees across the globe. We believe in absolute transparency and grow by supporting each other whenever required. The revolutionary team at KGiSL follows an audacious work culture that help define milestones for themselves and surpass them. We are ready to embrace the change, where we take up every day as a new opportunity to learn and grow. And our innovation is inspired by a shared commitment to great work and to each other.

Career and Development

We believe that leadership exists at all levels and we work towards developing our employees on technical skills, strategy and people skills.

Work-life Balance and Support

While we greatly appreciate your hard work, we also encourage you to have a good work-life balance.

Equal Opportunity

We cheer employees of all levels, irrespective of their experience, to listen to ideas and share feedback & involve them in end-to-end tasks to make them a better, stronger, more able individual.

Reward and Recognition

Recognition has always been a keystone of our culture where appreciating, acknowledging and thanking are part of our everyday work culture.

Values and Leadership

Our global leadership team steers employees on its amazing growth trajectory, leading from the front.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We are a diverse collective of thinkers & doers who continuously reimagine our products and practices to help people do what they love in new ways.

While every individual, every aspiration, every skill set is valued at KGiSL, we also know how important it is to work in cohesive teams. At KGiSL, you get ample opportunities to work with diverse ecosystem of talent, businesses and partner which allows you to interact, learn, and be enriched from a pool of worldwide capabilities.

Up skilling

We scale training programs across our global offices to up skill employees who are passionate about furthering technical and functional expertise. Providing a combination of immersive learning and on-the-job training, we help our employees to sharpen their skills and enhance their career growth

Fun @ Workplace

We are aware of the reality that without enjoyment, work might get boring. So we want our employees’ days to be as pleasant as possible. We nurture a culture that helps to root energy and the vibe within the workplace. We have team-building activities like fun Fridays, team lunches, and more that rely on communication and collaboration. We make our employees feel that work is fun and rewarding at KGiSL.

  • KGiSL - Fun @ Work place
  • KGiSL - Fun @ Work place
  • KGiSL - Fun @ Work place
  • KGiSL - Fun @ Work place

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