Database Management

Database Management

KGiSL provides 24×7 supports for production databases. In addition to the typical day to day administrative or maintenance activities, production databases are continuously monitored to detect potential problems to proactively address the issues.


KGiSL engineers are certified specialists in handling Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases. They are highly qualified in database design, implementation, optimization/tuning, structures and management aligning with the business requirements of the applications.

Who we are?

KGiSL provides end to end support like installation, configuration, hardening, design, implementations. High Availability along with dedicated 24/7 support for APAC Region and North America clients.

KGiSL have qualified database engineers with global certifications, to deliver best in class services through expertise.

Database Monitoring and Health Check

We monitor your database round the clock and act proactively to provide instant support in case of system failure and lessening downtime.

Performance Tuning

KGiSL engineers are specialized in monitoring, instance tuning, SQL tuning and server-side tuning in respective databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, NoSQL and PostgreSQL).

Capacity Planning

Our team helps in capacity planning by monitoring database and drive growth forecast by checking database file and deriving space reports daily.

Backup and Recovery

KGiSL delivers highly scalable, reliable, secured backup and well-designed recovery plans using RMAN, EXPDP, R1SOFT, NETMAGIC, SSMS, NETBACKUP and PG_RMAN.

Database Auditing

KGiSL provides the ability to trace the information flow inside a database, including connection attempts, data updates, deletes, inserts and execute functionalities.

High Availability Planning and Implementation

KGiSL helps in implementing highly secured database architecture with zero downtime. KGiSL professionals will work closely to ensure we have an effective disaster recovery plan in place, including daily, weekly, and monthly data backups that can be quickly restored.

Database Hardening

The primary aim of a database setting is to allow only privileged users to access customer data. We also upgrade your database system and protect from software pirates. Database security setting is made according to database norms.

Migration Support

KGiSL’s smooth transition approach helps you need to move data between cloud-to-cloud and on-premises server-to-cloud, moving assets to public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Patch Management

KGiSL professionals patch a database environment and keep it up-to-date, test the patches and also update the database server accordingly.

Cloud Management 

KGiSL cloud managed services help you maximize your cloud investment with well-monitored infrastructure and databases at reduced cost.

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