KYC as a Service

In the business world especially in financial sectors, verifying the identity of the customers, preventing theft, fraud, PEP (Politically Exposed Person) and money laundering is an absolute necessity.

Know your Customer helps in mitigating fraudulent activities, risks and other financial related misuse. Typical KYC processes are tedious and time consuming as it involves immense paperwork for verification and documentation when done in-house.

Our advanced KYC operations goes beyond initial onboarding, enabling financial organizations to perform data refreshes, ongoing due diligence and customer remediation to support any new regulatory obligations. We provide our clients with an easy to use, automated software to stay complaint with the KYC requirements.

Why does it matter?

Removes the tedious efforts required in the collection of data and documentation adhering to AML and KYC compliance

Improves client experience by bringing down the process of uploading documents for compliance across several accounts and financial institutions to just one time

Rapidly increases time to revenue by getting clients trade-ready and operational within short period of time

KYC Service from KGiSL:

Our KYC service enables:

To improve the onboarding experience of the client

To have a secured platform to manage and exchange client information

To implement proven process across clients and regions

To standardize and automate repeated processes

Key Benefits

  • Decreased time to market
  • Reuse existing data to process information requests
  • Reduce impact of regulations on your process
  • Better control over the data
  • KGiSL, with its team across various location ensures uninterrupted service delivery to its global clients
  • Enhanced data privacy
  • An industry acknowledged standard for data quality
  • Immediate requirements are covered with guidance from experts
  • Optimal AML/KYC effectiveness

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