Analytics & BI

Power of Data
for your Business

Businesses always demand to stay ahead of market changes, anticipates customer desires, and forecasts faster and more accurately. The intelligent business knows what is happening and why it is happening, and prescribes the best decisions to make. Now, KGiSL uses Evolutionary AI to model every aspect of a business to solve for multi-objective outcomes in even the most complex conditions.

Only a business enterprise with ample technological support can survive in this world of advancement by closely monitoring business trends to identify and manage the pitfalls tagged along with your organization.

The relentless effort in enhancing the IT industry is now extended to wider areas including data analytics. The collation of data from various parts of the respective work territory is causing a serious abundance of data. This data can be put to productive use with the help of Data Analytics.

Analytics & BI

KGiSL offers you an innovative and cost-effective solution that enables businesses to jump start on the Analytics journey.

According to a study 2015, More than 90% of the companies today use only the very basic analytics- descriptive analytics. A bold step towards digital analytics can avail you our services which will become the key to driving revenue, minimizing cost, or to mitigate risks.

We extract relevant information after channelized scrutiny in each area to make your organization more agile and dynamic. We open you to the world of necessary analytical tools and data to improve your business standards.

Benefits of Analytics

  • Digital Maturity
  • Easy deducing of large chunks of data
  • Predicting future trend in the industry
  • Devising policies to titillate greater business

Benefits of Employing KGiSL as your Analytics Partner

  • Complete digital transformation
  • Assistance through all the contours of Reporting Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Support our clients in the launch of their digital brand and a new digitized solution

Data Integration Capabilities

Self Service & Collaborative BI

Data Discovery, Business Insights

Statistical Modeling & Analysis

Multi Channel Data Visualization

Enterprise Data Platform

The Process to Digital Maturity

Defining the business problem
  • Understanding the business objective
  • Mapping Analytics to the business objective
  • Identifying the required source and data
Implementing the solution
  • Formulating the data, existing and current
  • Developing the Analytics from descriptive to prescriptive
  • Integrating the business insights into business processes

Our Prepositions

Customization Analytic Insights

The solutions from KGiSL analytics can be customized based on the requirement and specific industrial domains that it serves

Proven Data Science Expertise

KGiSL’s data science team have solved complex inter-disciplinary problems. We imbibe learning from various past use cases to solve the ones for our client

A Next-Gen Analytics Tech Platform

KGiSL bring its own, next generation analytics platform. We have customized models for our clients that can be hosted and the insights can be deployed from this platform.

Risk-Reward Economic Model

KGiSL has flexible consulting models that align with your end-outcome of business

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