Global Financial Solution (GFS) – a superlative financial solution for service organizations – an accounting solution that can encapsulate the business model of any enterprise, connect to any system in the domain yet preserve all the essential features of a regular accounting system.

GFS offers a wide range of services under one roof. Each of those services acts as a separate business proposition calling for an independent review and analysis of financial statements.

This need is further mandated by the Segmental-reporting requirement, wherein each business line would be treated as an independent entity for financial appraisal and reporting. A state-of-the-art accounting solution that can capture or configure the business model of any enterprise planning.


The salient differentiators

GFS is equipped to handle any sort of risks with extensive control measure that can demolish a code red situation and reinstate a working environment within less time frame. For example, the chances of data entry error and chances of viewing confidential data are avoided by the means of valid user creation and menu access as per the approval by the respective head of departments and branches. It also employs a proper monitoring of user profiles in order to avoid fraudulent activities.


  • Support for Multiple – Currencies, Users, Companies, Accounts, Years, Accounting Periods
  • Account tree-way structure (for adding and managing account codes)
  • Creation of ledgers and dimensions
  • Accounting & reporting for calendar and financial year
  • Accommodating IFRS entry separately
  • Statutory calculation of TDS & GST at the entry level
  • System based 3 way bank reconciliation
  • GST compliance till reporting
  • Financial reporting and segmental reporting
  • Offline data entry export
  • User definable interfacing with any external system
  • RSA encryption of passwords


  • Significant reduction in bill processing time
  • e-Payment options enabled
  • Auto tax deductions & tax processing across branches & HO
  • Better analysis of vendors across branches for effective negotiations
  • Bifurcation of branch level authorizations & HO level authorizations
  • Seamless interfacing between branches & HO
  • Availability of Web-based reports
  • MIS reports for various key operational decisions made easy and quickly available
  • Better control over branch level operations
  • Inbuilt data integrity audit system

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