Information Security

Information Security

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying the security vulnerabilities in servers, applications and network devices in an organization. This phase is extremely important for every organization to acknowledge the security status of them and as well as the betterments needed for eliminating the existing security loopholes.

KGiSL offers vulnerability assessment as a service for organizations to fulfill their security and compliance standards. Moreover, it’s done with certified and prudent cybersecurity engineers.

The process involved in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing








Post exploitation



Certifications possessed by our professionals


Penetration testing

The main objective of penetration testing is to identify, test and exploit the security loopholes underlying in an organization from a black hat perspective. Penetration testing can also be used to test an organization’s security policy and in determining if it adheres to the globally practiced compliance requirements.


Web Application Penetration Testing


Mobile Application Penetration Testing


Network Penetration Testing


API Penetration Testing

Wireless network assessment

This test aims to explore the wireless devices deployed on the client site. The list of devices includes item like tablets, laptops, notebooks, iPods, smartphones, etc. Apart from the gadgets, our penetration testers also consider the following.

Security risk and compliance services

The core cause of cyber-attacks is due to technical and human errors. Your IT security risks grow in the face of disruptive business challenges like shortage of skilled resources, breaches, data privacy and compliance. Risk management and compliance services from KGiSL help you 

Our skilled specialists offer a wide range of capabilities, including security program development, regulatory and standards compliance, and security education and training.

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment services provide

Monitor and manage network, servers and endpoints for threats and vulnerabilities. Our solution helps in assessing, implementing, reducing and aligning the found threats and vulnerabilities.

Compliance Program

ISO 27001 Compliance

You could stay complaint with ISO 27001 certification which demonstrates that you have identified the risks, assessed the implications and put in place systemized controls to limit any damage to the organization.

ISO 27001, recently updated after being first released in 2005, is a specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The standard lays out mandatory requirements that can be audited and certified. It contains a cycle of four phases that must continually be implemented.

  • The Plan Phase
  • The Do Phase
  • The Check Phase
  • The Act Phase
PCI Compliance

Our PCI compliance services provide observation through readiness review and compliance reporting services

Our solution helps in documentation and demonstrate your PCI validation and reduce the risk of noncompliance without disrupting operations to achieve timelier remediation support for all 12 PCI requirements. We also analyse your current situation to help streamline compliance.

Our solution helps to assess the potential risks to your business and identifying vulnerable areas.

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