Think Beyond RPA

Hyperautomation is a further advancement of RPA forming an ecosystem of all the latest automation technologies that augment the utilization of human resources. Hyperautomation brings several components together like Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, process mining, decision management, natural language processing, optical character recognition, analytics, and other 3rd party tools having RPA as its core.

KGiSL, in partnership with UiPath, is a leader in combining the right automation technologies to infuse Hyperautomation into any enterprise to discover, design, automate, implement and manage business-critical processes and workflows. We have a proven track record of end-to-end hyperautomation implementation to support clients’ every phase of automation lifecycle. We bring in more processes and components of your organization into the automation radar by leveraging the latest technology and tools.

Think beyond RPA with UiPath’s Enterprise Suite along with KGiSL’s automation expertise to unlock the full potential of automation across the organization.


How Hyperautomation can deliver maximum value to your enterprise?

Hyperautomation offering multiple benefits and potentially unlimited upside!

Unlocks Maximum Potential

Apart from enabling discovering more process for automation, hyper-automation will also enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities of an organization such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning (ML) so that more tasks can be processed and automated.

Flexibility and agility at work

The business doesn’t need to rely on a single technology for automation purpose. Reliance on a suite of tools along with cultural change, enable organizations to achieve scale and flexibility and bringing in agility to the operation

Enabling employees and improving their productivity

By automating time consuming tasks, employees are able to get more done with less resources and serve more valuable roles in organizations.

Improved collaboration

People and the Digital Workers can collaborate to automate end-to-end processes across various levels of complexity

Positive impact on P&L

Demonstrate quick ROI from automation and gain key insights, make business processes more efficient, optimizing business opportunities and providing real-time, continuous intelligence.

How KGiSL can help?

KGISL has been a preferred consulting and implementation partner for leading corporates in APAC. UiPath Diamond Partner Status, India National Partner of the Year 2020 are some of the recent recognition that stand testament to the trust in our thought leadership, vision, ability to scale and capabilities in the implementation of enterprise wide automation solutions.

KGSIL is driving digital transformation by leveraging our expertise in RPA, AI, ML and other emerging technologies and our deep sector experience can help enterprise with the right solutions that bring business value.

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