The Curious Case of Automation & Process Quality


Sailing through my daily share of social space, I came across this piece of INSEAD article that talked about how effectively humans and AI can work together. It suddenly struck me, we at KGiSL are doing the same thing, let’s see, in a better way.  We have been helping many clients from Fortune 500 companies to SME’s in the Asia Pacific region in transforming their digital capability to a better version using Automation. The code to this subtle and efficient transformation is quite easy to crack as done by Garry Kasparov, the Russian chess grandmaster who has been closely working with machines since his famous defeat in 1997 and out of his experience he came up with this very interesting law now called as “Kasparov law” and it observes,

Weak Human + Machine + Better Process always beats Strong Human + Machine + Inferior Process

It is the quality of the process that determines the magic behind effectiveness. Let’s take the example of 2 clients who employed automation in their process. Client X has achieved their targeted results for one year in six months’ time and Client Y could achieve the same target only in one and half year. The key difference between these two clients is Process Quality. Client X  understands the term Process Quality in a sense that not only the Process is efficient and optimized, but also the users are aware of ‘why’ that particular process has been adopted as well as ‘where’ are they getting the inputs and ‘where’ will the outputs go. But Client Y did not give much thought to the importance of process quality or how effective it could turn the trajectory of their business to a more secured spot.

It is relatively easy to automate the process with RPA, but it takes skills and a holistic approach to improve the business process efficiency and add the business value through automation. Being one of the leaders in Automation, KGiSL can vouch for this approach.

As we have established the influence of Automation in the current world, it is also a fact that human intervention is yet another factor that cannot be avoided in the process of Automation. Machines and humans go hand in hand in the process of Automation. The absolute success is achieved only if we understand the necessity of co-existence of these two factors, considering the fact that neither of it dismisses the role of the other, but complements it.

KGiSL is on the path of mastering the era of Automation, and how do we know that? Well, when you get referrals and appreciation from clients on the performance of the RPA practice, then I am sure we are on the right track.

Bharathiraja Chandrasekaran, Program Manager

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