Webinar Regulatory Compliance
– Responding to Challenges

The banking industry is among the most regulated, not just in India but across the globe. Banks grapple with complex regulations that requires them to constantly enhance their compliance frameworks and governance. Even as the cost of compliance continues to remain high, improving operational efficiency in a cost-effective manner remains a major challenge. 

Like in every other sphere of activity that lends itself to complexity and volume, automation/ digitization of compliance processes using cutting edge technologies and leveraging data seems to be the need of the hour! 

Watch the webinar to know how technology can support your regulatory compliance management framework with ease.

Access the on-demand webinar to know more about:

  • The changing roles of Compliance function
  • Challenges in the dynamic regulatory environment
  • How banks have responded to these challenges
  • Technology in compliance – the way forward


Dhanabalan R
Director & Regional HeadKGiSL

Dhana comes with over 2 decades
of experience in delivering digital solutions to leading financial institutions. Dhana leads KGiSL’s Mumbai operations.

Arun Kamath
PrincipalCompliance Matters

A compliance veteran with over 3 decades of experience in senior management roles of leading international banks.


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