Smart Manufacturing Conclave 2019

The first edition of Smart Manufacturing Conclave from Express Computers, India was hosted in Khopoli on 26th & 27th April 2019. It witnessed the rendezvous of smart technology and modern manufacturing industry in reshaping the future of Manufacturing Industry. The conclave played a significant role in the process of growth of India’s manufacturing industry to the fifth largest in the world as it discussed the upcoming insights, real-world scenarios, and upcoming trends, and exposed the decision makers adopt the most leveraging technology that could help them improve their efficiency and success.

KG Information Systems Private Limited extended its technology services to new horizons such as manufacturing industry through the Smart Manufacturing Conclave, by being an integral part of the conclave and making use of our partnership in acquainting the CEOs and CTOs with our latest technological superiority in the field of RPA and SAP.

Our RPA practice automates all the backend operations of the manufacturers and SAP practice provides a transformed, adaptable, enhanced and optimized business performance for their enterprise. We showcased the strengths of these technologies in accelerating financial advancements in manufacturing industries and extended the scope of better transformation to all the important delegates who were a part of the event.


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