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Businesses are witnessing one of the biggest disruptions in its history. The impact of COVID-19 outbreak is compelling businesses to think and adapt a better and a more agile working models. Enterprises are now forced to adopt mobile working models and are getting ready to what Bloomberg calls the “world’s largest work-from-home experiment”. Remote working is the order of the day and enterprises are to equip themselves to address the risks of disruptions like these or any such in the future.

So how do you secure your enterprise ERP at times of disruptions like these?
Hear from the experts on how Oracle NetSuite Cloud based ERP can help

Access the webinar to know more about:

  • COVID – Business Continuity Management (BCM) covering initial measures, infrastructure risks, cyber risks, employee risks, operational risks and communication risks.
  • On premises BCM – Definition, organisational resilience, value of BCM, decision domains, statistics, standards, BCM process, criticality, recovery strategies & goals.
  • Pandemic Preparedness – A CEO imperative, resilience risks, pandemic preparedness and preparedness program process.
  • Minimizing the above risks through cloud-based solutions.


Hari Iyer
Executive Director,
Technology Advisory ServicesBDO Malaysia
Vasantha Kumaran
Executive Director,
Technology Advisory ServicesBDO Malaysia

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