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19th Aug 2021
3pm – 4pm
(Singapore / Malaysia)

WebinarTransforming Insurance with Intelligent Automation

As insurance companies build resilience strategies into their business roadmap, they must accelerate adoption of automation technologies, which increase efficiency and optimize operations. RPA, a proven technology that is well-established within insurance industries, has proved to reduce operational costs, add speed and agility to processes, and improve customer experience. CIOs should now consider to scale beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes and unlock long term business value.

Hyperautomation can help Insurance companies reduce manual touch point to drive operational excellence and reduce costs, increase speed and accuracy of customer interactions, tighten fraud detection and make human workforce more productive and focused on value-added activities.

We at KGISL and UiPath, believe that hyperautomation strategy is how you scale automation most effectively. In this webinar, we share some of the critical use cases for insurance industry to demonstrate the how you could win with Hyperautomation.

 Key Discussion Points

  • Insurance CIO priorities in 2021 – insights from Gartner
  • How UiPath Enterprise Suite can drive efficiencies to the processes
  • Use cases of hyperautomation in the insurance industry
  • Leveraging advantages of Hyperautomation


Senior Vice President,
Intelligent Automation,KGiSL
Murukesh Jayaraj
Director, Intelligent Automation,KGISL
Tomasz Gaczynski
RPA Presales Manager,UiPath

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