Parthasarathe Palanisamy - Vice President - Product & Solution Group - KGiSL

Parthasarathe Palanisamy

Parthasarathe PalanisamyVice President – Product & Solution Group


Partha is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of KGiSL’s product and service delivery teams and leads the company’s efforts towards excellence and maintenance of its current growth momentum. He started his journey during the very initial stages of KGiSL and contributed unmatched efforts towards the growth of the organization.

As 19+ years experienced process-oriented person, Partha is highly inclined towards the latest technology and automation. His deep understanding of the capital market, mutual funds and banking have led to building robust solutions for the respective domains. Partha took over the responsibility of building the business line to provide back office solution to the capital markets industry.  He has worked his way up handling some of the challenging projects and with the help of a mid-sized team, Partha has added several products and repositioned KGiSL to align with the industry vertical.

Over the years, Partha has gained good prominence amongst KGiSL’s team of experts and managers and has laid a strong foundation amongst every individual team member to take up the onus and responsibility. He was keen towards digitally transforming the KGiSL business to its current scale and expanding the size of its domain-specific offerings through comprehensive solutions and services.

Partha holds an Engineering degree from one of the premier institutions in India. His hobby of learning and understanding the latest technology directly complements his professional growth

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