NSURE eSignature

In this digital world, to reduce material costs, manhours and to increase the efficiency and productivity, eSignature emerged out to be a differentiator. It posses’ digital form of traditional document signing, with added security measures and use of technology advancement viz. AI enabled face recognition authentication.

NSURE eSignature helps businesses to improve customer experience, eliminate costs related to paper-based processes in a more efficient and digital friendly way without compromising compliance. Also, it takes a step forward towards environment sustainability.

eSignature solution allows users to sign a document online with multi factor authentication, and built-in encryption allow for secure transmission of data

NSURE eSignature

How does this work?

NSURE eSignature


Multiple signatures can be captured
Self-sign a document with ease
Multi-party signatory can be included
AI enabled face recognition
Built-in and configurable multi factor authentication
Dashboard monitoring and real-time status tracking
Seamless integration with other system

Adherence to global compliance and standard

Standard eSignature requests are sent viz. email/SMS to a person and it contains a unique link to the document. The process is tracked securely and recorded in an audit trail

Enhanced eSignature prompts the signee to verify their identity before a document can be signed, using a password, ID number, phone PIN or Face Recognition.


  • Online and saves valuable resource’s – time
  • Automates document flow and eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Enhanced eco-friendly brand image, embrace a paperless office
  • Reduced indirect costs
  • Mobility, immediacy and speed in the signing of documents
  • Tracking and logging made to the document
  • Speeds up the document turnaround time (TAT) and increases productivity
  • Improves customer experience and secured document flow
  • Comfort, Confidence and Convenience
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