Bullfinch Wealth Suite

Bullfinch Wealth Suite is an integrated front, middle and back-office solution for managing complete wealth management lifecycle.

Bullfinch Digital wealth management solution enables banks, financial institutions and other wealth management service providers to deliver both investor-directed and advisor-driven wealth management services to their customers. It offers rich features including graphical representation and comprehensive analysis capabilities, it is a composite package that helps wealth managers to offer expert and customized investment advice to all their customers.

Bullfinch Wealth Suite

It is designed with a robust, flexible, modular, layered architecture that allows to introduce new modules, channels, business processes, and external interfaces based on its specific needs. Bullfinch investment software can be easily interfaced with other back-office systems, broker-dealer systems for order execution, and fund distribution systems. The architecture and data model of Bullfinch wealth management system is designed in a manner to offer optimum performance, scalability, and ease of maintenance. By easily integrating with other surrounding systems the cost and complexity of migration can be reduced.

Bullfinch is a comprehensive, customer-centric package, which offers customers with interaction portal, fund manager utility, wealth, asset, and portfolio management.



Multi-ability Multi-branch and Multi-currency capability


Robust, Flexible, Scalable Framework


Real time Order Processing & Risk Management


360 degree customer view with smooth navigation


Relationship based statements and Client Reporting


Control reports and MIS across / within asset classes


  • Covers almost all investment verticals
  • Online Fund Manager / Advisor portal for profiling, planning, risk assessment and CRM activities
  • Model portfolios support for EQ / MF / FI (or) combination of these asset classes
  • Optimized re-balancing based on model portfolio
  • Multiple dashboards and reports at all levels with report scheduling capability
  • Support for all types of corporate actions
  • Complete inbuilt audit trail with history
  • Comprehensive fee management module
  • Managing Operational Process– Handling end to end back office process
  • Database and application server support and its maintenance
  • DBA support and maintenance with 24/7 dedicated team


  • End-to-end wealth management functionality
  • Real-time order processing & risk management
  • Seamless integration
  • Flexible, scalable and modular design
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Operational automation through RPA
  • Multi-entity, multi-branch and multi-currency capability
  • Fast implementation – Get started quickly through pre-designed business processes and a high degree of configuration
  • Get buy-in from staff as well as customers by introducing an intuitive, simple to use package that caters for client profiling, financial planning advice, and portfolio management
  • Offers a range of investment products including Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, Managed Accounts, Structured products, and Other Investments
  • Control reports and MIS across/within asset classes
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