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Quality Engineering (Testing Services)

The development of business solely depends on the end user experience and a good Quality Engineering partner who ensures the seamless flow of quality service. Companies often seek a trusted partner in the quality testing when they place themselves into higher levels of automation.

Quality Engineering is the cutting edge approach that would define the quality of the products designed in order to attain maximum customer satisfaction. In Quality Engineering, futuristic methods and tools are effectively applied in the analysis and development of systems from the conception to implementation to ensure the efficacy of the product and also to eliminate errors and pitfalls during the manufacturing process, to deliver state of the art solutions. A constructive quality engineering can vastly influence the overall performance of the company in various layers such as the product cost, quality and the company revenue.

We are equipped in providing all-round Quality Engineering services over an assemblage of applications, digital technologies, and industries.

Keeping into consideration that software quality engineering is a process which extends until the end of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the complexity of the software life cycle has increased due to the distribution channels targeting multiple devices like Mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc, KGiSL has devised proven methodologies of testing service to ensure that your products and applications are implemented & executed as per the design and quality standards set.

Why Quality Engineering?

Our supreme principle in devising high standard Quality Engineering is Quality on the fast lane at optimized Cost & Effort.

  • Quality mindset/customer behavior driving design & development
  • Predicting defects through test modeling & process agility
  • Customer experience through disruption & breakthrough innovations
Cost effectiveness

Quality Engineering Service Catalog

In KGiSL, we deliver a multi-tier service catalog that would cater multitudinous requirements of our various clients, through thorough analysis and vigilant study.

We cover all the six basic security concerns such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability, and non-repudiation in our process such that our service is distinctly perfect.


Transition & Transformation Approach for a typical QE Engagement

We provide continuous engineering practices which are analytics-driven, quality-assured and highly- accurate approaches for appropriate QE engagement. Our process of transition and transformation follows the best practices that will ensure an ideal solution that covers any kind of QE needs.


Operating Models & Governance

We majorly offer three kinds of Operating Models and Governance such as

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Accountability for work fully with the customer. KGISL resources augmented on demand

collaborative delivery

Collaborative Delivery

Accountability for work jointly with customer & KGISL. Delivery responsibility shared at all levels

Managed services

Managed Services

KGISL fully accountable for the delivery of entire scope of work in agreed schedule & cost


Quantifiable Benefits That We Deliver

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering gives clients the freedom to choose from what they need and when they need. Here in KGiSL, we provide you the futuristic quality engineering solutions in affordable price and aid the companies in achieving their ever-evolving business targets, with high yielding outcomes.

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