Economic Times has awarded KGISL as Best Brand 2021 


KGiSL is proud to announce that in recognition of its pioneering leadership in the Fintech industry for over the past 25 years, Economic Times has awarded KGiSL the ET Best Brands 2021 award. 

It is a testimony to KGiSL’s commitment to delivering value to all our customers by constantly innovating and supporting them throughout their digital transformation. The ET Best Brands award is based on the success stories of brands who have built a name for themselves and the organization’s unconventional ideas, especially during challenging times. The award criteria were formed under the attributes such as the organization’s innovation in technology, customer experience and loyalty towards customers, brand awareness, overall production, and service quality. 

There are few movers and shakers who have transformed the present structure and conditioned the future course of action. This award is a representation of we are not just the best in what we do but also capable to pave the way for the industry to follow. This award motivates us to continue our journey in empowering our customers’ transaction, communication, digitization, and compliance requirements with integrity and data security. 

Over the last 25 years, we have evolved and developed products and solutions with cutting-edge technology that innovatively and efficiently eliminates complexities. We will continue our journey more dynamically and overcome challenges that our customers encounter with technology initiatives and solutions and consider customer requirements as a predominant concern. 


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