Compliance Management System

Banks and Financial Institutions deal in public money and their activities can pose significant risks to the sensitive/critical financial system. They are constantly evolving and growing and competing fiercely to deliver increasingly premium and value-added services to their customers. This makes banks and financial institutions a highly regulated and scrutinised sector, bringing to it a very complex control and compliance framework. A slight compliance failure can prove expensive in as much as it can result in debilitating penalties, costly litigations, regulatory constraints and huge reputational damage.

Compliance made easy through Breeze

KGiSL is making life easier for banks and their compliance officers while navigating and complying with increasingly complex regulatory requirements and expectations.

Our proven approach and the combined extensive industry experience bring to you, Breeze, an innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient approach to manage and mitigate compliance risks. While Breeze, at one level, is a cutting edge technology driven solution to managing complex compliance processes end to end, it is also a value-added service providing insightful and detailed guidance on ongoing changes to regulatory requirements and expectations.

How it works

Breeze – A Compliance Management System

A cloud based digital application designed to provide automated workflows and enriched information feeds that will help our clients to stay abreast of regulatory changes, understand and implement the new/changing requirements in a timely and efficient manner, create a comprehensive and user friendly repository of regulatory requirements and communications, conduct ongoing monitoring, testing and assurance over the compliance relevant controls, assess on an ongoing basis the compliance risk trends and keep management and regulators updated through management information dashboards and need based reporting utility. It is currently configured for the universe of regulations in India that impact banks and financial institutions. Breeze

What banks get from the service

Improved effectiveness and reduced cost of compliance
Effective compliance controls implementation
Better managed regulatory interface, reviews and remediation
Staying ahead of emerging compliance related risks
Improved assurance over effectiveness of the control framework
Inculcation of a culture of compliance
Substantial reduction in the manual/administrative overload

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