Inbound Documentation

Processing any inbound document has been an essential and critical part of business for decades. However, today’s organizations have more expectations in terms of data from documents in the digital age. For example, vendors now often want payment almost instantly against the invoices sent and with zero error rate. However, this is incredibly complex process that may still require manual work.

Most commonly Inbound document data extraction is automated using OCR which is based on the document coordinates defined by the user for data extraction. This approach of coordinates-based data extraction mostly fails since the format of inbound document varies between one and another.

Our Solution

NSURE Inbound Documentation from our digital offerings can now harness the power of Machine Learning to recognize not just one type of inbound document, but virtually any inbound document format sent its way. 

Loaded with unique features, our NSURE Inbound Documation solution could help your business process trigger the right decision to complete the manual or traditional OCR data capture tasks in a much simpler, accurate, and efficient manner. Our solution leverages the ICR and Machine Learning capability to extract data from both structured and unstructured documents. Easy and user-friendly UI to train and define new fields and templates.

There is more that the solutions can offer you than just processing inbound documents

Better data privacy

The data extracted from the inbound documents are highly secured and complies with the best industry security and privacy standards.

Reduced Cost

Our solution improves the business productivity, decreases costs and boosts ROI by infusing continuous intelligence in the enterprise.

Reduced Error

Minimize error-prone data entry by automatically pushing inbound document data to enterprise applications.

Increased Speed

The data capturing speed is multifold and reduces administrative tasks and makes employees more productive



  • Multiuser and parallel processing
  • Easy to configure fields of extraction
  • Easy and quick training
  • Build custom data repository
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Batch processing ability
  • Flexible report designing
  • Supports multilingual documents
  • Maker and Checker control for approval and track changes
  • Information captured and processed are quickly and seamlessly transferred to other business systems
  • Highlight incorrectly scanned pages and error fields for operator to take corrective actions
  • Create automated workflow for users at each stage


  • Eradicates manual data extraction and document filling
  • Accuracy in data classification and decision making as we use comprehensive data model
  • Reduces operational cost and improves employee productivity
  • Faster document processing
  • Scalable and configurable to other line of business
  • Ready to implement and requires minimal customization

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