Today, education institutions are no less complex than a huge corporate. Institutions now involve a range of activities apart from delivering education. The administration & management of these activities has become a tedious and complex task. It is the need of the hour to have a solution that helps to improvise the overall system and maintain a competitive edge.

e-Campus is a comprehensive campus management solution for educational institutions capable in bringing in a lot of change to benefit schools, colleges and universities. It is a scalable software that helps in monitoring and reporting various operations involved in college management like admission, fee collection, Class room activities, attendance of students and staff, examination, library management, transport management, hostel management and effective communication. The system provides a huge range of reports that help in analyzing and effective decision making.



  • Allow users to store, modify and retrieve information
  • Features modules that are integrated with information from the student and staff
  • Provide staffs and teachers with all the functionalities that would assist them
  • Quick and accurate report generation
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • User friendly, easy to learn & implement
  • User level access right
  • Transparency within the system




  • Access campus related information globally
  • Multi user, Multi session and Multi board syllabus capabilities
  • Informed decision making for management
  • Total Cost-Control (expenditure and income)
  • Achieve global outlook and exposure for academic excellence
  • Get connected to parents and alumni


  • Real life exposure for better learning
  • Participate in forums for career and other important issues
  • Work on online projects with other students
  • Integration of smart ID cards ,biometric and bar coding technology
  • Online examination
  • Access to library transactions


  • Complete attendance automation
  • Complete automated marks / grade management system
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • Automated timetable generation , Macro/Micro plan and lesson planner
  • Organize forums and projects online
  • Track the each students progress effectively


  • Keep up-to-date on ward’s academic performance, attendance, fees via automated SMS/email
  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily
  • Get updated with latest in school with the help of e-news, Image Gallery, newsletters and other facilities

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