General administers insurance processes and operations seamlessly in real-time to protect property & casualty with Personal, Commercial & Specialty Insurance. It covers Motor, Travel, Personal Accident & Health, and Home Owner for Personal Insurance. Casualty, Liability, Property & Financial Lines for Commercial Insurance. Marine, Aviation, Miscellaneous & Engineering for Specialty Insurance.

It has its own customer engaging front-end applications and provides APIs for 3rd party front-end applications too.


An end-to-end flexible core system for your General insurance business. Also called as Property and Casualty (P&C Insurance) in certain countries. It covers all lines of General insurance business covering Motor &Non-Motor, Retail or Commercial and also the Specialty lines.

It componentizes development of products, enabling bundling of these component products with required tailoring options. Hence, this enables you to provide holistic customer centric risk coverage solution to address their complete protection needs. Also, a single solution which addresses all risk coverage needs of different types of individuals and corporates.

With ready APIs and simplified online selling journeys, it will help you in increasing the sales and reducing the ongoing expense ratios.

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