Group Life

Group Life administers insurance processes and operations seamlessly in real-time for Insurers providing employee benefits for Corporates and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to protect life, group hospitalization & surgical, and savings over a term. It has its own customer engaging front-end applications and provides APIs for 3rd party front-end applications too.


An end-to-end flexible solution to systematically manage the different variations in your group insurance business in a seamless manner. A solution which allows you to tailor group schemes to specific corporate requirements, using their language, their HR structures, and their preferences. Also helps you define your terms as Compulsory or Voluntary schemes, different pricing and risk management approaches. Overall, it is a holistic solution to cover all Employee benefits for both Protection and Savings. It comprises all the protection needs of employer (Death with Riders and/or Medical insurance). It also assists in having a saving element with required vesting rules to address the annuity needs during retirement of employees. This core solution has a ready portal for employers to self-manage their scheme in terms of new member additions, removal of members, movement of members up or down, tracking claims of members and many more.

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