Health administers insurance processes and operations seamlessly in real-time for Insurers protecting major critical illness, hospitalization for all causes, intensive care unit (ICU), special treatment for dengue, COVID, etc. It has its own customer engaging front-end applications and provides APIs for 3rd party front-end applications too.


An end-to-end flexible core system for your medical insurance business. It supports all the standard variation covers like Out-patient, In-patient with number of rider benefits which can be opted. It enables your customers to tailor the cover to their specific needs or gaps they have. For example, facility to opt for a specific excess cover or catastrophic cover. With ability to configure deductibles and co-insurance, it facilities in appropriate risk sharing approaches to suit the budgets of each customer. As of risk cover, it easily allows you to configure contemporary risks (eg : Covid pandemic cover) and be relevant to your consumers.

With APIs and mobile apps for the insured, they can easily claim and track their benefits.

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