e-Form use cases

Filling up of paper-based applications and forms in the insurance sector is obvious and maintaining the data from the paper forms is more critical. Paper forms may lead to missing key information, errors during filling up the form and extracting data from the filled-up form for data entry. The paper-based form filling workflow is time consuming and creates bottlenecks.

Switching to our digital form solution enhances productivity and efficiency while saving time, money and resources.

Below are some use cases:

Scenario 1: Offline Submission

Customers might travel to different places that can cause delay in form submission in scenarios like insurance claims and other processes. Delay in claims filing can cause delay in claims processing and this affects the customer satisfaction in turn.


Nsure e-Form is capable of offering all its features to users without network connectivity (including Wi-Fi). This way, the users can store the data in the application’s outbox and automatically submit the forms once the device gets into network connectivity from anywhere at any time. By this the user does not have to wait to fill the form till he is online, instead the forms can be filled and submitted, and the rest is taken care by NSure e-Form application once the device is online.

Scenario 2: Online Submission

Field agent to capture information from customers and fill up the forms for various reasons like customer onboarding, submission of proposal forms / declarations.


Nsure e-Form enables agents/ customers to fill in the forms digitally and submit them online with digital signature. Regardless of multiple data entries, Nsure e-Forms can capture the customer details efficiently & cost-effectively with no errors using the in-built validations eliminating data loss.

Scenario 3: Remote Submission

Field agent to capture information from a customer who is in a remote location and involves a lot of time for a direct visit by the agent


Required form can be shared with the customer through NSure e-Form over email or phone. Customers can fill up the forms and submit it online at ease and the insurance firms get access to all required data in a fraction of the time that is originally needs. The form collects all necessary data as required and submits the form digitally having all the required data for future access and sharing

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