Document AI

Simplifying tedious
document data extraction

Effortlessly extract, validate, and classify semi-structured, unstructured, and even handwritten text data from complex documents and images with over 95% accuracy and reduced time. Experience template-less intelligent data extraction with state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing capabilities.

Document AI efficiently processes large volumes of data in time-sensitive operations with utmost accuracy and reengineers workflows for improved productivity. Stay industry compliant with accurate AI-powered document processing workflows with reduced manual effort, minimized errors, and enhanced operational efficiency.

What to expect?

End-to-end straight-through template-less processing 

Human-in-the-loop for manual intervention, if needed 

Easy-to-use and self-learning platform 

Custom data repository for maximum accuracy

Multi-user and parallel processing capabilities  

success storiesGet your ready-to-use data in minutes enables intelligent automation in insurance, capital markets, and banking operations, leading to streamlined document processing that enhances efficiency, accuracy, and timely operations with ready-to-use data in minutes.



Automate your insurance document processing with an intelligent data processor infused with AI, ML, and NLP. Process thousands of pages of data in two to four minutes with higher data accuracy and higher ROI.

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Banking & Capital Market

Our AI-driven IDP system is perfectly tailored for the capital market and banking sectors. The solution automates document processing and simplifies operational procedures when dealing with large data sets, ensuring timely operations.

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Get precise and structured data output through the template-less intelligent document processing solution in minutes.

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