Payment Portal

Digital payment solutions for insurance, banks, etc., primarily enable their customers to make online payment through different means of communication like SMS, WhatsApp, email etc. It helps to make payment through secured access without installing any tool or mobile app. This enables contactless and digital payments in a secured way. 

Our payment portal helps to facilitate customers to make any payment online using credit/ debit card/ internet banking. Our online payment solution eliminates the use of Credit card Authorization Form (CAF) or sharing of credit card information via MOTO (Mail Order or Telephone Order) method thus preventing fraud and data theft. Organizations can now easily integrate payment gateway on all platforms. 

How does it work?


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Comprehensive dashboard to view payments, receipts etc.

Provides role-based access matrix for different user groups

Seamless integration with any external systems and payment gateways

Configurable payment link persistence

Encrypted and highly secured

Key Benefits

  • Online payments are convenient, secure and easy
  • Compliant with PCIDSS and regulatory guidelines
  • Eliminates manual forms
  • Ease of monitoring payments
  • Improved and quick turnaround time

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