e-attest is a digital document signing solution that facilitates the seamless flow of information in an electronic form by using encryption and digital certificates. Electronic business processes have provided the business world with a highly efficient model for transacting businesses. Also, the authentication using esignatures/digital signatures improves the efficiency and security.

Our electronic signature software is available in two different versions with ORACLE / SQL as the back-end database. The flexible user management feature that supports multi-users is one of the major highlights of the solution.

It has the capability to interface with varied back office applications and provides the statistics of imported, signed or delivered documents through MIS reports.

Key features

  • Automated process
  • Multi-Level audit control
  • Multiple delivery channel
  • Client portal, email and SFTP
  • Multi documents in a single mail
  • Auto/ manual file upload
  • MIS reports
  • Controlled delivery process and ease of Migration
  • Services & support
  • Onsite support, Dedicated support desk, Database management, IMS


  • Supports for most document types
  • Client specific password protection
  • Client-specific mail content
  • Supports multiple modes of digital signature
  • Digital signature for all types of documents
  • Maker/checker facility on requiring master setups
  • Bounce email, email status reports
  • Bulk resend option for a period
  • Reversal handling of incorrect documents
  • Complete admin level functionalities to meet IT standards
  • Meets IT intranet standards and requirements


  • Helps to run the business without financial, legal or operational problems
  • Guarantees the authenticity of people
  • Validates the content
  • Fast & secured delivery
  • Reduces storage and maintenance costs
  • Option for law documents send with contract note
  • Audit trail for all activity
  • Maintaining all the regulatory requirements

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